Today, managers of Agricultural & Horticulture operations face tremendous challenges with rising environmental and budgetary concerns. Fertilization and irrigation programs are often at the center of one's operations. However, with expectations high, cost factors and well-known negative environmental impacts seemed "par for the course" - until now.

Nature's Wonder® offers our natural proprietary liquid peat extract called APEX-10™ that is both a bio-stimulant & soil amendment in one. APEX-10™ has been thoroughly tested in both academic settings and real-world applications. It is available as an additive to your fertilizer and as a liquid formulation to apply by a spray device.

The revolutionary formula has been proven to enhance soil quality, improve fertilizer efficiency, reduce water needs, and build healthier, stronger crops & plants. This low cost natural liquid & additive presents Agriculture and Horticulture professionals with a powerful organic tool for their maintenance, installation and growing operations.